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Pole Sports | 2nd National Pole and Aerial Sport Championship

The 2nd National Pole and Aerial Sport Championship in Greece is here brought to you by Hellenic Pole and Aerial Acrobatics Sports Federation, by POSA-Pole Sports & Arts World Federation.


24/04: Deadline for Athlete’s registration and submission of Difficulty sheets

04/05: Deadline for submitting your music.

Pole Sport • Aerial Sling • Aerial Silks • Aerial Hoop

    Entry fees


    • Varsity 6-9 (Single): 20€
    • Junior 10-14 (Single): 25€
    • Junior 15-17 (Single): 25€
    • Junior 15-17 (Double): 40€
    • Senior Men / Women 18-40 (Single): 45€
    • Senior Men / Women (Double): 70€
    • Master Men / Women 40+ (Single): 45€
    • Master Men / Women 40+ (Double): 70€
    • Master Men / Women 50+ (Single): 45€
    • Master Men / Women 50+ (Double): 70€



    Athletes over 40 years can participate in the Senior Category provided that their technical level is enough.

    An individual mixed Varsity Category may only be arranged in national level competitions, except for different provisions issued directly by the International Federation




    Height: 4 meters.

    1. b) Diameter: 45 mm.
    2. c) The distance between the poles is 3 meters.
    3. d) Coating: chrome or stainless steel (Nickel free only)
    4. e) Static pole must always be on the left side of the stage from the audience’s point of view and the spinning pole on the right side.




    There is a special area in the center of the stage and under the sling which is covered with a mat or judo mat. The size of mats is 2*2 meters and they mustn’t be thinner than 20sm. The sling must be fixed at a height of 8 metres.The sling includes windlass (automatic or mechanical) suitable for periodic change of aerial apparatus.

    The distance from mats to the edge of the stage (front, back and both sides of the stage) is 3 meters as minimum. There mustn’t be any foreign objects on the stage.


    The distance of the aerial apparatus (hoop, sling, cube, etc.) from the athlete’s head should be 0.50-0.80m.




    • The deadline for completing your registration form and sending your Difficulty Sheets  is 20/03.
    • Deadline for submitting your music 04/05.
    • All athletes under 18 must have an approved guardian with signatory authority.
    • To be fully responsible for their personal health condition and ability to compete. To avoid injury all athletes must not undertake elements they are not fully confident and secure in.
    • Upon request the athlete may be required to produce documentation from a doctor as confirmation of good health and fitness level. All information will be held confidentially.
    • To know the Code of Points and conduct themselves accordingly (link attached)
    • Dress Code for all Apparatus Pole / Hoop / Silks /Sling in Code of Points Manual.
    • National Emblem to be sewn on the front side of costume or at the hip or on the top of the costume, chest or shoulders.
    • All athletes must read the work plan which is in the Posa Code of Points Link.
    • Athletes Pole Sport / Silks / Sling / Hoop will be judged on
      • 70% Artistry and choreography
      • 75% Execution
      • Difficulty Sheet points
    • Do not forget that you must complete your anti-doping registration 3 months prior to the Championship. Find all the necessary information in the link below: https://hpsaf.gr/posa-anti-doping