Welcome to the official page of Hellenic Pole Sports & Aerial Federation


Athletes & Coaches welcome!

The National & International Pole and Aerial Art Championship will take place in Dais Sports Centre, Marousi, Athens, 10-12 May 2024.

Before proceeding to your registration, please read carefully the HPSAF POSA RULES AND REGULATIONS 2024 here. HPSAF WORKPLAN 2024 here.


Please follow the following steps to complete your registration.

  1. Proceed to choose your category of participation and complete the payment of the entry fee.
  2. Download the application form for Pole here and for Aerial here.
  3. Send the following documents to hpsaf.register@gmail.com
  • Application form
  • Proof of payment registration to your category
  • Proof of payment registration as a member to HPSAF
  1. Shortly after sending your email, you will receive a replying email with your personal folder as an athlete (documents received from your first email will be already uploaded). Please, use this folder / link to upload all the documents required meeting each time the deadlines. By the end of all deadlines your folder should include all the following files: 
  • Application form
  • Proof of payment registration to your category
  • Proof of payment registration as a member to HPSAF (ONLY FOR GREEK ATHLETES)
  • Copy of ID or Passport 
  • Athletes signature code of ethics
  • Parental consent (for minor athletes only)
  • Doctor’s documents
  • Music or video file in mp3 or mp4 format (in case of using a video during your performance please make one file including the audio and video together)


All requested documents and music should be uploaded by: 19/04/24

Please make sure to meet all deadlines and upload all documents in your personal folder. Files that do not meet deadlines will not be accepted.


Definitive registration

Definitive registration should be filled by coaches and sent to hpsaf.register@gmail.com, along with coach payment receipt (greek coaches) by 19/04/2024. 


Please make sure to meet the deadline. 


On the day of registrations, we need only the following documents:

  • Definitive registration (brought by the coach)
  • Usb stick with your music / video


Important notices

  • National flags must be worn while competing. They can be a maximum size of 2 cm x 4 cm. They must be sewn on the left or right side of the costume at the hip or on the top of the costume (chest or shoulder). 
  • All athletes should have national tracksuits. If there is no National federation in your country please wear a black tracksuit without any logos.
  • Greek coaches should be members of the Hellenic Federation. Coaches from other countries must pay a coaches fee upon registration.